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Sandra Meza-Romero’s Bio



Sandra Meza:  Ms. Meza is a highly talented and experienced professional with an undergraduate degree in Economics and International Trade from Universidad del Rosario in Bogota, Colombia. She has earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Philosophy with a concentration in moral education at the Universidad de La Sabana. She has taken online formation seminars from Character Counts! Ms. Meza negotiated a program on character and ethics at Gimnasio Los Caobos where she implemented a successful and highly engaging pro bono pilot with elementary students leveraging materials from the Josephson Institute. Ms. Meza was trained and prepared to leverage immersion tactics in education at Berlitz, where she was a Spanish language teacher to the corporate sector and tailored to multinational clients. At Kensington Academy, Ms. Meza was a Spanish language teacher to children from the ages of 2 to 6 where she designed and implemented the curriculum leveraging full immersion techniques as well as developing creative and engaging activities to stimulate real learning. Ms. Meza was highly commended by both the administration and parents alike.

Ms. Meza has found a passion working with children and believes that no child should be left behind which is why she is challenging old paradigms, stereotypes and teaching methods so that teachers avoid categorizing children and stigmatizing them for the rest of their lives. Ms. Meza is working on educational theory that allows for education on a one to one basis according to a child’s needs. Ms. Meza has also achieved expertise on the topic of bullying and is intent on teaching moral values to help self esteem, fortify character and foster a conducive environment while building future conscientious leaders. As such, Ms. Meza is in the process of developing educational programs on morals and values to be presented to the government to address the existing gaps in character and ethics in the public school system.